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Bringing Jewish, Christian, and Muslim scholars and professionals together for collaborative projects that build peace.

Fostering collaborative relationships in research and self-study among academics and professionals of the Abrahamic faiths.
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Kurt Anders Richardson, DTh


Professor Kurt Anders Richardson, is president of IFAR: Institute for Abrahamic Relations (Dallas, USA), an academic philanthropy that directs collaboration projects among academics and professionals of the Abrahamic faiths.

After co-founding and chairing the highly productive Society for Scriptural Reasoning and Comparative Theology groups in the American Academy of Religion, he is assisting multiple Abrahamic Studies scholars and professionals in research universities around the world. He is a visiting professor in several research universities globally.

Dr. Richardson holds a DTh from the University of Basel and is the author of multiple academic books, chapters and articles.

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Abraham’s Bridge exists to foster
Cultural & Religious Dialogue to Build Peace.

The mission of Abraham’s Bridge is to foster working relationships within and across
the academic and professional communities of the three faiths and their traditions.

Through conferences, seminars, and collaborative projects and peer-reviewed publications,
peace-building dialogue influencing the wider world.

Our Approach & Goals

Targeted Conferences, Seminars, Projects & Publications 

  • Global Abrahamic Societies for Academic and Professionals
  • Abrahamic Studies Lectures, Seminars: Iran, Dubai, Israel, China, Europe
  • Abrahamic Scriptures Research: Companion Scriptures Projects
  • International Colloquium in Abrahamic Studies & Journal
  • Peace-building Projects and Soft-power Diplomacy